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July 02 2015

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Happy place.

July 01 2015

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Earlier #swedishcolumbia hang… @dpunktw (Fucking Werewolf), me (label dork/triobelisk) and Gecki!

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#eluervo #swedishcolumbia yeah…

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Thanks @dpunktw !!!! Now I can unleash the unpleasantries of the world upon you!

June 30 2015

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Out today! Another sweet #elhuervo #cassette of his wild #electronic jams on #swedishcolumbia. 🎆 🎆

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Andean music, mead, and korv.

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Throwback Tuesday when @elhuervo was on upside down Skype and we recorded Daisuke and others… Epicsesh. #elhuervo

June 29 2015

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What a day! Got #frodus sample print for the “Weapons” reissue LP + Bonus 7" and @elhuervo World’s End cassette (on sale this week) and upcoming #swedishcolumbia Fucking Werewolf deluxe-LP (out in a month or so)! #elhuervo

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C was here.

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Eh? Ok.

June 16 2015

June 15 2015

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Hey. You left your jungle neon on.

A new VHX jungle to spruce up your desktop background. Or maybe your phone

Remixed from the awesome Louise Jones


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Beck “Dreams”

new upbeat Beck. yes pls.

nice purty nashville timelapse

June 12 2015

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Airplane window drawings by Jim Darling


While working on an art show about air and water, Los Angeles-based artist and designer Jim Darling developed an interest in the views from aeroplane seats. “I got thinking about the window seat: how special it is and how it can be taken for granted,” he says. “These expansive views can be very humbling.” Darling started recording the landscapes he saw with photographs and on Instagram, recreating them later as paintings using layered woodwork, acrylic and aerosol. 

via @kirstinbutler

June 11 2015

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“People don’t want to rent their music” - Steve Jobs

Turns out, in 2015, people are fine with renting their music. 

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